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We were convicted that we would definitely make people aware of the importance of sexy toys in India and that we would become the inspiration in the sex toys market. The cock rings are an option previously recommended by a feminist writer for SELF. She says that they allow you or your partner to control Male masturbator how tight the ring gets, if you are getting started. The ArcWave Ion is a male masturbator that focuses on stimulating the frenulum, the highly sensitive vein on the underside of the penis shaft. She says that this product offers a completely new world of stimulation that many male sex toy users are not used to.

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Sex toys used to be seen as an indication of an unhappy sexual relationship. If any of it. It was assumed that the partner is not happy with the situation. Sexual life. One partner masturbating was seen as a sign of sexual unhappiness.

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To diminish sexual harassment and rape, you need to be self dependent in sex life. When single people become self reliant in their sex life and couples don’t feel like they have to worry about it, there will be no pornography in regards to sex. We are going with the hymn “No rape, do masturbate”. Being self reliant in sex life isn’t making someone a victim of sexual hunger. We organize events to let people know about the importance of adult products in India.